tag_franchiseAndy's Frozen Custard Franchising

When you first walk up to an Andy’s store, you can’t help but feel that something extraordinary is taking place. Smiles abound, delicious scents fill the air, custard machines happily churn and the menu suggests one irresistible treat after another, after another.

Then comes the moment of truth: you sink your spoon into your treat and savor the first taste. This is something extraordinary indeed! I want to share with you the secret behind this special experience: Fanaticism. You can literally taste, feel and see the fanaticism that emanates from an Andy’s.

Several years ago we discussed the option of franchising and taking Andy’s Frozen Custard worldwide. Frankly, we were skeptical. I wasn’t convinced that we could duplicate our customer experience, so we tabled the idea. Then it occurred to us, what if we only select those precious few people that are as committed and as fanatical as we are? It is my highest hope that you are one of those few people.

Running an Andy’s is a lot of work…doing anything this special usually is. But with extraordinary effort comes possibilities that are just as extraordinary.

And we can help you every step of the way.

Andy Kuntz