Company History

Big Picture

Andy’s Frozen Custard was founded by John and Carol Kuntz. Their first location opened in Osage Beach, Missouri in 1986. They named the business after their son Andy. They moved their operation to Springfield, Missouri. Today, Andy and his family serve the world’s best custard in four states at 13 locations.

Andy’s Frozen Custard is a quick service frozen dessert business. We are a freestanding restaurant with drive through and walk-up service windows. We sell only frozen custard treats. Andy’s has a wide variety of treats from simple vanilla or chocolate cones to seasonal favorites like our Pumpkin Pie Concretes and Strawberry Shortcake Sundaes.

We have some very unique approaches to how we do business; unique in the fact that not many businesses have the same philosophies that were common some time ago. Innovation in many of today’s restaurants has translated into efficiency and cost effectiveness. When was the last time you went to a restaurant and said to yourself, “That sure was efficient. I can’t wait to go back.”? Our approach has been fairly simple. Hire great people, treat them right, and try to get the product in as many mouths as possible. If you are in the service business, you have to hire people that have a strong desire to serve. Pay them above average, train them well, and demand nothing but the best.

Andy’s Frozen Custard focuses on three main aspects of our daily business: product quality, customer service, and community involvement. Our efforts in these areas are what make us unique in our market. There are many other things that go into running a business of any kind, including ours, but these core focuses have the most impact on us.

Product Quality

Andy’s number one focus is product quality. We use only the finest ingredients in our mix. The custard is always served within one hour after it is made. Our brownies, pumpkin and apple pies, shortcake, and cookies are baked fresh every day at the store. Our nuts are roasted fresh every week in downtown Chicago and shipped next day to our store. All of our fruits are real; we don’t use syrups or sauces. All of these things are combined with very extensively trained employees to make the best treats ever. We guarantee satisfaction.  If anyone doesn’t think their treat is the best they have had anywhere, we will give them their money back.

Customer Service

Our customers are our family and we treat them as such. When each customer pulls up and we first ask them how they are, that sets us apart from our competitors. The interaction that one little question starts is amazing. Someone who is already starting to tell us their order will stop and ask us how we are in response. Or, someone might tell us they have had a horrible day and then we make it our mission to put a smile on their face before they leave. When we can truly interact with our guests rather than just filling their order, we have succeeded.

In order to achieve this result, we take a unique but simple approach with our employees; hire great people and treat them right. If you are in the service business, you have to hire people that have a strong desire to serve. Pay them above average, train them well and demand nothing but the best.

Community Involvement

Community involvement is necessary to keep our community thriving. Please notice our efforts in the “corporate citizenship” section. It makes us feel good to be able to help so many organizations and to see the benefits they provide to so many individuals. Without the contributions of local businesses, many organizations would simply not survive. Andy’s is pleased to help.

Andy’s mother, Carol Kuntz, started a tradition many years ago. Her belief was that she wanted every child to have an Andy’s treat at least once a year whether they could afford it or not. So she started the Andy’s tradition in which we donate custard to the elementary schools in our communities. Since its inception it has been a very successful way to fulfill Carol’s dream.

Community involvement is also good for business; it can be one of the strongest marketing tools you can use. The more the public sees us helping them, the better image they have of us. When an organization will come to us for a donation, we almost always give something. Everyone involved with that organization might then think about coming to Andy’s instead of one of our competitors.

Company History

Like a lake effect storm, Andy’s Frozen Custard blew people away with its tasty treats when it opened at Osage Beach, Missouri. in 1986. Andy’s quickly became the place to go for custard at Lake of the Ozarks. Then Andy’s took nearby Springfield, Mo. by storm, where it’s now a household name. Generations have come to know Andy’s Frozen Custard for the freshest, creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that has ever been served in a cone.

The idea for a custard store in Missouri started with John and Carol Kuntz, who tasted frozen custard in Wisconsin and decided this treasure was too good not to share. After meeting with Leon and Doris Schneider, who had their own frozen custard store in Milwaukee since 1942, John and Carol dedicated themselves to creating a frozen custard experience like no other. With Leon’s knowledge and guidance, the Kuntz’s opened their first custard store and named it after their son, Andy.

It was at the first Springfield location where Andy learned the business, working long hours alongside Dana, his wife. Andy’s passion for a superior product and unmatched customer service is apparent when you visit. Using only the best ingredients, Andy’s Frozen Custard is made fresh every hour and served by employees who are just as passionate about the perfect cone. Always striving to expand and improve Andy’s Frozen Custard, he’s taken the store to new heights, with seventeen locations throughout Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Illinois.

Sadly, John Kuntz passed away in 2008 but Andy, Dana and Carol are keeping his dream alive with the same fanatical practices of exceptional service, perfect product and a fun work environment. With the help of wonderful associates, Andy’s Frozen Custard is serving up the most delicious frozen custard to the people of the Midwest. More and more customers are discovering that Andy’s Makes It Fun To Be A Kid For A While!


We don’t compromise anything that we do from the look of the building, to the product that is made from machines that cost $60,000 each, to the staff that we put behind the counter. We feel that the customer is a smart and a well-trained person that knows the difference and are keener on where they spend their dollar today. When everyone seems to be trying to make their product faster and cheaper, we are going the other way.  We sell a product that is made just like it was 65 years ago, where it’s made fresh every single hour regardless if it’s a warm July day or a frigid January night.  We also believe in offering these products at a fair price and serve them with a smile, all the while lending a willing ear toward constructive criticism and discovering new and better ways to improve our products and our customers’ experience. For example, we have added benches and an enclosure on the front of our building, all because we have had many requests for these ideas. Meanwhile, we look for employees that can adapt themselves to a fast paced environment while maintaining a great attitude and attention to detail. We hire only 3-4% of all applicants. We look for a positive attitude and longevity. Even with school students we look to hire for a minimum 1-year of employment.

Going forward we see more of the same. We continue to look in the mirror and make sure the product and experience is second to none. We are certain that it’s all the more important to not curl up in a ball during these economic times or bury our head in the sand and hope we come out of it, but instead to use this opportunity to make sure we have the best people that embrace our values, and the best products that we can possibly have. Then, come out like a caged lion to tell the world about us.  Get involved in our community and pour our heart into it like there is no tomorrow! Our philosophy is simple, but not easy, and we still think that a sincere, simple, quality, clean cut experience is king.

For us to be successful, we first have to get people to try Andy’s. We are confident that once you try Andy’s, you will experience everything we work hard at every day, and you will desire it again. We do that by certain forms of intrusive media (paid advertising) like radio and theater advertising coupled with being very integrated in the community. The community involvement is not really a marketing idea as much as it is who we are. We believe that if you are going to be a business, you have to be woven into that community because it’s the right thing to do. We believe that it’s very difficult to be a successful business when you don’t do that. In our mind, the key to success with this is to have as many touch points as possible. It’s where you might see Andy’s in school or church, then you might see us on the local TV station and then maybe an article in the newspaper and then our ad on the radio, and by that time, you might decide to give us a try. We feel in order to be successful with this method, consistency and longevity rule. Advertising and marketing is more like running a marathon than a sprint. Endurance is the key and it could take years to develop.